Plan C GmbH

an eyewear (/) engineering company.

Plan C

we call ourselves an eyewear (/) engineering company, with the goal to develop and design outstanding and unique carbon fiber eyewear. we love eyewear, and we love carbon fiber. in fact, when dealing with the combination of the two, we go off like schmitz' katz'. while we are still busy developing and getting everything settled, have a look at whats there already...

but thats not all. we also offer a variety of specialized engineering solutions:

eyewear design
carbon eyewear engineering
aerodynamic design
airfoil design
winglet design
(design of the Matt Hall Red Bull Air Race MXS winglet,
and believe it or not, Matt is also wearing KERL.
design of the Matthias Dolderer Red Bull Air Race Edge 540V3 winglet.
design of the DG Flugzeugbau LS8 and DG-1000 winglets.

please contact us for further information.

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